I dislike change. I like familiarity. Sometimes though I get bored of the same things and want a complete change. Then I get scared and chicken out and the familiarity becomes comforting again.

So we’re moving home. I had a little freak out about it on Friday. Like properly screaming and crying to myself (well, to Pickle as no one else was home) and being utterly devastated to be leaving the flat. We love this place. It’s the first home we had together and we’ve been here nearly 4 years. But I want to move. I want to go to the lovely little house with all the alcoves and the lovely kitchen and beautiful bathroom with easy access to shops and coffee houses and other nice things. No one is forcing us to go, we don’t have to go. We want to go and we’re going. We’re leaving behind the nocturnal devil child that lives downstairs, and the leaky shower. We’re leaving behind the cupboard full of stuff in the kitchen that was already there when we moved in (heck, we’re adding to that cupboard!)IMG_20130306_225321Unlike the other times I’ve moved this time I’ve only really had a month to deal with it instead of about 3 months. That makes my head a fun place to be! We get a key for our new place next weekend to start moving stuff in before moving ourselves in over Easter. Oh my word, why do we have so much stuff?! Seriously, it’s not like hoarders or anything but so much irrelevant stuff! I haven’t even gone in the cupboard under the stairs, where the boxes are as they was when I moved from Thornhill to Penylan and then to here. I guess it just makes it easier to bin stuff off when it’s been in a box unused for nearly 5 years. Think I’ll need a trip to the tip. We have about 5 routers and cable boxes. Why??? Also enough USB and CAT-5 cables to reach the moon.


Yes, every time there is an open box you can almost guarantee that within minutes it will contain a Monty. He thinks he’s helping.

Another thing that’s changed is the cover design for The Simple Things. Gone is the lovely cover with simple things on that represent what’s inside and now there are people on it. It’s not an ugly cover by any stretch but it loses the essence of what the magazine is about. It’s not simple. People are far from simple. I don’t like people, I like things. IMG_20130316_111927The magazine itself is still absolutely delightful with lovely articles and of course I’m still a subscriber. It’s just not attractive on the outside (and with people on it will not be gracing my new coffee table in my new house, should I get a coffee table). I hope it was just a test and things will go back to how they were (and should be) for the next issue. A quick glance at Twitter is quite telling, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I have a lot to get on with.

I’ll manage somehow.


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