We just spent 5 days in Berlin. We bloody loved Berlin.

We stayed at The Circus Hotel which was just awesome AND there were no clowns (our room’s actually the one on the website with the pink walls. It also had a wall covered in cat wallpaper!). It’s really central to pretty much everything. In fact we were amazed at how close everything was to us, a really good little base. We quickly discovered that the Television Tower would be our compass – all roads/trains/trams/paths lead to Alex 🙂DSC01959

This is the view from the top of Potsdamer Platz 1. Nice.

Before arriving I asked Twitter to give us some top tips and must-sees. One of these was The Bird where we were told that we would find the best burgers ever. That advice was not wrong. OH MY GOD THE BURGERS! I had one called The Birdhouse (it basically had all of the burger things on it) and it was truly the best burger I’ve ever had. DSC_2089They make a point of cooking the patties medium, indeed the menu suggests that they’ll laugh at you if you ask for anything well-done. Also, the skin-on chips (or “f*ck off fries” I believe they’re known as) were AMAZING. I even ate the pickles in the burger. That’s how good it was. We met some nice people at The Bird who then took us to a strange little bar called Bad Fish. There was hardly anyone there but they had a lot of whisky (and “angry hour”, which is confusing) and they played hip hop. LOUD hip hop. Random. Tiffany, Morgan and Fronz gave us some more places to visit and they just backed up the fact that everyone was really really nice in Berlin.

DSC01792DSC01770 DSC_2108 DSC_2110 DSC01826 DSC_2160 DSC01917 DSC01965 That’s right – a proper photobooth that does 4 different pictures!! Seriously, if these were still around in the UK they’d make a killing. If I had money to invest in old school photobooths then I would totally do it. DSC_2216 DSC01980We wish we didn’t have to go home. Berlin – we love you!

(there’s also a load of Zingy pictures to be found on Twitter – #adventureswithZingy – if you like that sort of thing. People seem to like it. I like it.)


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