10 things I’ve been doing

1. Organising our WI Spring Fair. This is fun. I like planning things. If you’re in Cardiff next Saturday morning please come along. I’d like some chickens to be there, everyone should meet chickens. Or owls. Owls and chickens.

2. Making things. I’ve been embroidering a bag today, and made some more of my little button and ribbon pins for the fair. Ney and I are having a stall! She’s made lovely bracelets and her Dad’s made little wooden mushrooms! They’re so cute. I hope we sell things, it’s such a lovely feeling when people buy things you’ve made. Going to take along the Lolcat Colouring Books I made for the Book Arts Fair 2 years ago too. I think I sold 3 then. Everyone loves Lolcats still, right?

3. Thinking about chairs. Specifically this chair from Haus which I sadly missed out on. BJ1n8GKCYAAwB6ENow I have chair envy for the person who has the chair. (by the way, that pink and grey fabric is even more beautiful in real life. Please go visit Haus and see their lovely fabrics!) Also we had to destroy the giant chair in order to get it out of the house. I have everything crossed that the smaller one and sofa will fit out of the door without requiring a saw, would rather them be rehomed as it felt awful destroying a perfectly good piece of furniture.

4. Enjoying that extra load of space that we’ve acquired since removing the giant chair. Monty’s not so thrilled, it was his chair.

5. Watching all the programmes we’ve recorded. I’m now up to date on Game of Thrones (needs more Tyrion) and Mad Men. I’m not sure what to think of Mad Men right now, I still love it of course (the most perfect mise-en-scene EVER) but it feels quite disjointed to me, and Don’s being a right git. Don’t like him being like that. Still would though. Mmmm Jon Hamm.

6. Working on making work better. Looking for an upgrade, not a way out.

7. Eating ALL the food.  I need to stop doing this. I also avoided the gym this week. Bad Bethy. However I now have nice vegetables (which I’ve forgotten to cook for my lunch tomorrow – ARSE!!!) so as long as I eat them and avoid cake then things should start moving in the right direction. That’s the plan anyway. Also Kath gave me a cute little picnic basket for my birthday. WIll it become my lunchbox? Probably!

8. Listening to music. We streamed the new Daft Punk record the other night. It’s really good. Also the 90s is apparently fashionable now so I’ve been listening to some classics in the car – Suede, Beck, Metallica… yes I know I almost exclusively listen to 90s music anyway but it’s nice to be a fashion leader once in a while! I’ll have you know I bought this cardigan in H&M in 1999. So there.

9. Adoring this handsome little guy. IMG_20130502_133526

10. Being inspired by Anna Denise‘s beautiful illustrated journals. I wish I felt creative and dedicated enough to do this,



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