An owlsome weekend

I had the most brilliant Bank Holiday weekend EVER.

On Saturday, we went to see owls. OWLS! Ant bought me a falconry experience for my birthday so we drove up to Forge (near Machynlleth) and it was amazing. This is me having a nice cwtch with my favourite owl ever in the whole wide world. Her name’s Mog:image


Mog is a little White Faced Scops Owl. You know, the ones that do that crazy thing when they feel threatened. She was adorable, even if she pooed on me.


Mog loved Ant too. Actually, all the owls like Ant. He’s like some sort of owl whisperer. I knew there was a good reason to keep him around, he attracts owls!image

On Sunday we had a little lie in (as much as the cats would allow) before walking to Riverside Market (because sausages) and had lunch at Pieminster. Coffee and pie on a Sunday – what more could a person ask for?! This was actually not the pie I ordered, but it’s the pie that I ate. I think it was actually nicer than the pie I ordered so I was pleased at the error!image

Many lovely new records have come to live with me in the last couple of weeks. This weekend I acquired the new Tigercub single, Neu 2, Suede and Gruff Rhys’ American Interior which is just bloody lovely. image

February round-up

Well, there went February. It was ok. I fauiled epically at Project 365 in February, though I did take a load of photos, just not one every day. Sadly this meant I didn’t finish the #14daysoflove challenge too. Poo!02-2013

52 weeks of baking has gone out of the window too. Total things baked in February = 0. Oops.I did draw faces on some very disappointing satsumas though.

February has been pretty darn cold. Luckily I’ve had the cwtchiest cats to cwtch with. I like it when Pickle is so loving, everyone thinks she’s evil. She’s so not evil.DSC01663

DSC_1671Also I cut my fringe. I like it one day out of seven, so not a total fail.


In which Bethy is bugged off

My cats have fleas. MY cats. My lovely clean healthy indoor cats. The only way they can get fleas is if we being them in. I am really, really annoyed. I caught one on Monty and 3 on Pickle this afternoon. Cue rush visit to mother to borrow flea drops. The cats are now really grumpy because they smell like peanut oil, and I’m really grumpy because I now have to wash and hoover EVERYTHING. Rage. Dirty stinking fleas. My cats have never so much as even looked at a flea. So angry.

Ugh! It makes you itch just thinking about them! Poor cats.


In other news I start my new job tomorrow. Let’s just hope I don’t take the fleas with me there.

in which Bethy does a picture post

I’m tired and cold. I’ll just do some pictures with a brief run down of the day…

Evil psycho cat Princess actually let me touch her – the magic of a slice of ham – but then went nuts again and had a go at me. Still, it’s progress.

The WI were holding a craft fayre in Cowbridge today so I went along to help the girls from my group. Not that much help was needed – it was dead! It wasn’t advertised, or signposted well, and we were stuck in the corner at the back. We did sell all the Rocky Roads and Brownies though, so all was not lost. It was nice to meet some other groups too and to see how they deal with fayres as this was our first one. Looking forward to next time.image

I had a wander around Happy Days, which is a wonderful vintage and artisan market in Cowbridge.image

This little guy was very long, and I’m pretty sure he had more legs than a creature with one head should have had!image

I’m not sure I agree with selling pinecones for £1 a bag when they’ve obviously been skanked from the local park. If you’ve made pot pourri or something with them then that’s different, otherwise you’ve just nicked a family of squirrels’ Christmas dinner!image


There’s no Starbucks in Cowbridge, so I got a Praline Latte from Costa. Pretty cups, but they’re no Toffee Nut in a red cup!image

in which Bethy goes through the wool

It went really cold again today. Monty put his jumper on (yes, he put his jumper on)

imageWe (the cats and I) had a proper tidy up today. We even tidied up all the dust. I know, unheard of right? My right eye was unimpressed at the movement of the dust. I hate my right eye. It’s more blind than my left eye and it’s allergic to everything!

We even tidied the wool. Yes, we actually examined The Stash. I found many many abandoned projects…imageA bit of everything there – knitting, crochet, tunisian. I reaslly should learn to finish what I start.

It was WI craft group this evening.  I took my everlasting baby blanket along and helped make some little Christmas trees for the craft fair in Cowbridge on Saturday. I love the WI. It’s not “all grannies” – a few of us aren’t 30 yet – and we love David Bowie. Excellent.