Music Monday

In an attempt to share more glimpses of my everyday mind I thought I might try some regular bloggy things. “Music Monday” seems like  a doozy.

We got the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reissue boxset for Christmas.IMG_20121226_125319 It’s beautiful. Since then I have had this song in my head. It shows no sign of going away, and I’m totally fine with that:

This album reminds me of high school, of Owen playing Lily (My One and Only) on the piano in the music room, and mostly of the Christmas (1996 or 97, I forget) when Vicki asked her mum for 3 albums. They were Mellon Collie, Vitalogy by Pearl Jam…. and the eponymous album by the Backstreet Boys. That’s how we rolled, we were 13 after all, and she had a thing for boys with floppy blonde hair.


in which Bethy gets all passive-aggressive and meh

I’m quite tired of people. Everyone seems to be moaning and miserable (not to be confused with those who have genuine pain and/or sadness) to the point that I find myself shouting inside “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!”. It’s tiring.

I felt the need for real people so I spoke to my very best friends this evening. All of them

Kath, Al, Chris, Owen, Me and Lou

I’ve known Owen, Kath and Lou since the dawn of time (also known as 1985 and 1987). It would be a 384 mile round trip if I was to visit them all in one go (challenge accepted) and I hate the fact that we’re so far apart. But that’s all part of growing up – Ween’s got a whole parish to look after, Kath’s about to embark on her biggest adventure yet (motherhood) and Lou’s living it up London style with a big girl job and mortgage and stuff. I suppose we are all 30 on our next birthdays so these things are inevitable. I can only assume I’m somehow feeling unfulfilled and with no idea how to fix it again, but I’m not bitching and moaning on the internet about it.


Shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!

in which Bethy finds a Modern Sensation in The Boy

Our friends The Vanities played a gig at Buffalo last night with all proceeds going to Children In Need. How nice of them.

There’s some videos on my YouTube page. My lovely boy Ant joined the boys on stage for their last song Modern Sensations. It was the first time I’ve seen him play. As I tweeted soon after – “You know when you fall in love with someone all over again? That. <3”

in which Bethy completely ignores her blog for amonth

Yeah, sorry about that. Stuff must have happened. Here’s some of it…

We had date night on Tuesday and went for hot-dogs and that amazing milkshake before finding (and getting far too excited about) Lego Avengers and went to see Moonrise Kingdom which, as expected, was absolutely stunning

Oh and I have a new job. Can’t remember if I mentioned this before but, yes, I finally escaped the evil wigged man. It’s pretty much the same job as I was doing before only in a nicer place and without the aforementioned creature lurking around. Yay!

I will leave you with some kittens. I have seen many many kittens in the last 4 weeks. They’re all over  on the cat blog.

in which Bethy returns

I was going to do that 11 things meme that seems to be on all the blogs at the moment but I keep finding questions that are really sucky so I can’t be arsed with that.

Spring would appear to have finally sprung. It was a beautiful day today. According to Sinead’s car it was 17°C at lunchtime. I can believe that. We went to a charity vintage fair at the lovely New House Hotel in Thornhill. I bought a lovely tea-set (at last! How long have I been after a nice tea-set?!)

We sat our on the grass for a bit, because we could. Apparently my hair is very very red in the sunlight… You could see right across the channel from our lovely elevated position. So impressed with the views we decided to head up Caerphilly mountain where you could see for miles! (Yes I am aware that the horizon is 3 miles away, but Caerphilly is down in a valley so it was actually miles)

There were loads of dogs up the mountain. We met a big English Bulldog who was simply not going to go in the direction his owner wanted him to, a lovely Westie called Daisy and a Rottweiler with a tail called Tommy who was going to be a huge dog judging by the size of his puppy paws! He was a gorgeous boy. I didn’t get any pics of the dogs though, I was too busy making friends with them.

It was a very nice day. I’m tired now. That’s what a lot of fresh air will do to you I guess.


in which Bethy apologises for being a terrible blogger

yeah yeah I know it’s February. I apparently had nothing to say throughout the entire month of January. Indeed I can’t think of anything memorable.

Except for one thing.

I went to Jacobs Antiques for their vintage market thing with Sinead.  We found a giant mobile phone…

We found a7-Up pinball machine…

and we found Gail who was selling her pretty pretty things (and drinking tea. It was cold on that top floor!)

I bought this lovely birdie. He’s called Herman.

Please check out Gail’s shop. You’ll be supporting a local independent business, and supporting a friend in making a living doing something that she loves. One day I’ll be brave enough to pack in the rat-race and do this too. One day.

Also at the fair was a lovely excitable lady who goes by the name of Viva Misadventure. She managed to get Cherry and I to have a little go at burlesque dancing AND WE LOVED IT. I loved it so much in fact that I went for a taster class today, continued to love it and am going to take a six week course in order to create my new alter-ego – Miss NooNoo La Roux! Yes. I don’t believe it either. Pretty sure that work wont like it should they find out, but I don’t like them so there. As long I don’t start twirling tassels at my desk I see no issue. Let’s face it – millions of people saw me wearing only pants on Channel 4 a few years ago and no one said a word back then, nipples and all! Seriously though, I had a lot of fun at the class today. I especially liked that there were ladies of all ages there, I wont lie but I was a bit worried that there’d be a load of gorgeous skinny blonde 18 year olds but we were all real women! The women that you just walk past on a daily basis with no clue that they could have a wardrobe full of frilly knickers, long satin gloves and nipple tassels! Especially in the Garden Village. I dread to think what my Grandma would say… 🙂