Did you miss me?

It’s December 1st and that officially is the start of Christmas for me. It’s the same month and everything. It’s even snowing on WordPress. I love that.

Today I put the tree up, as I do every year on the 1st. I wasn’t really feeling it today, mind. Not sure why. I seem to have to force myself to enjoy things that I usually love. I blame Cameron, the ham-faced gimp. Anyway, I put the lights on the tree and plugged them in. Dead. My trusted John Lewis lights died. On the tree. Ugh. Cancel Christmas. So Ant decides that we should get new ones. Off we go to Tesco at 9pm. 100 lights, half price, Β£4. Score! We bought some custard creams too, because custard creams. Get home, feeling a bit more with it, and plug the lights in. They work!Β  Yay! BUT as I unravel them they stop working. NOOOOOOO!!Β  Why do you test me so, God of string lights?! We took out every bulb and the fuse. Nothing. Back to Tesco at 10pm! No way am I not having lights on my tree tonight. I’m too involved now. 10.40pm and there are lights on the tree. Also on the tree are my old lights that belonged to my nan and are older than I am. TAKE THAT, STRING LIGHT MANUFACTURERS. I’m not doing any more to the tree tonight. I might leave it naked as some sort of hipster protest. Nah. I have about 600 baubles to go on it. That’s a full day’s work.

I am aware that I have used too many tenses in the above story. I don’t care. It’s sausage to me.

Today’s festive musical offering comes from the lovely Gruff Rhys. Enjoy.


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In my room

The bedroom.

When you’re growing up your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you play, where you do your homework, where you tell your little sister to piss off because she’s just there being annoying when you’re trying to be cool with your mates. It’s where the walls start off plain (or with Woofit wallpaper in my case) and then evolve through Care Bears and rainbows to Take That and then, almost overnight, you can’t see the walls through posters of Nirvana, Pulp and Beck until your A0 sized X-Files poster that cost Β£3.99 in Virgin Megastores on the weekend after your 14th birthday falls down and rips a hole in Mulder’s face (I cried when this happened) and so you fill the space with photos from disposable cameras of your friends and cat. Mostly the cat.

When you get an entire place of your own you don’t need your bedroom as a retreat. You have a whole home with lots of rooms to spread all your random crap around, and your bedroom becomes just that – the room with your bed in it. The place you spend a lot of time in, but doing anything special, just sleeping (or not, thanks to my neighbours who seemed to be having a pretty good time last night. I didn’t need to hear that.)

I was lying in bed the other morning, feeling very pleased that I didn’t have to go to work because it was Saturday, and started thinking about our bedroom. None of the furniture in it belongs to us (it’s a rental) so in order to personalise it we need “things”. We haven’t really put any things in the bedroom. We’ve got a big vintage granny blanket on the bed and a crocheted rug on the floor, and a mirror from my nan’s house on the wall but that’s it. No falling down X-Files poster, no fairy lights (I will remedy this), not even any pictures on the wall. I’ve got nice stripy bedding on at the moment (BHS) but otherwise there’s no personalisation to the room at all. Not even a radio. I should put a radio in there. It’s easier to wake up to a radio. I’ll get a radio.

I’d love our room to look like this, including cat:

Dream bedroom

I doubt Ant would like that room though. That’s the other thing about not having just your own room – you have to consider the person who shares the room with you! Not that I’d have everything pink but still! Also think I need some plants in there. I’ll have to do cuttings from Charlie, but I don’t want to kill him accidentally. I’ll practice on Charles II who lives on the fridge. He’s freaky already.

Lots of songs about rooms, but naturally I’ve picked Dinosaur Pile-Up to end this post.


I’m going to assume that I was busy in May. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.05-20131

May consisted of puppy, puppy, more puppy, puppy and friends, finally making a home for my blue tea set, meeting chickens and ducks, making things (at last!!!), lots of WI stuff and being obsessed about home furnishings. Oh, and obscene salads.

I’m back – and I have the wifis!

Hello! We’ve now been in our little house for a week and today was an exciting day as the internet was turned on! Yay! Real internet and not just Twitter on my phone! To be honest I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would have, probably because I’ve had a whole house of other things to concern myself with.

Sackboy is way less happy about his house than I am about mine. Silly Sackboy.

Sackboy is way less happy about his house than I am about mine. Silly Sackboy.

Everything is pretty much in it’s place now, just need to sort out the spare room really. I might do one of those “home tour” posts that the internet seems to love so much, but not ’til we have the new sofas.

Next post will be prettier, with all the March photos (again not daily, but I’ve taken more than 31 so I like to think that Project 365 will consist of 365 photos from the year as a whole. It’s my blog and I’ll twist projects as I see fit πŸ™‚


I dislike change. I like familiarity. Sometimes though I get bored of the same things and want a complete change. Then I get scared and chicken out and the familiarity becomes comforting again.

So we’re moving home. I had a little freak out about it on Friday. Like properly screaming and crying to myself (well, to Pickle as no one else was home) and being utterly devastated to be leaving the flat. We love this place. It’s the first home we had together and we’ve been here nearly 4 years. But I want to move. I want to go to the lovely little house with all the alcoves and the lovely kitchen and beautiful bathroom with easy access to shops and coffee houses and other nice things. No one is forcing us to go, we don’t have to go. We want to go and we’re going. We’re leaving behind the nocturnal devil child that lives downstairs, and the leaky shower. We’re leaving behind the cupboard full of stuff in the kitchen that was already there when we moved in (heck, we’re adding to that cupboard!)IMG_20130306_225321Unlike the other times I’ve moved this time I’ve only really had a month to deal with it instead of about 3 months. That makes my head a fun place to be! We get a key for our new place next weekend to start moving stuff in before moving ourselves in over Easter. Oh my word, why do we have so much stuff?! Seriously, it’s not like hoarders or anything but so much irrelevant stuff! I haven’t even gone in the cupboard under the stairs, where the boxes are as they was when I moved from Thornhill to Penylan and then to here. I guess it just makes it easier to bin stuff off when it’s been in a box unused for nearly 5 years. Think I’ll need a trip to the tip. We have about 5 routers and cable boxes. Why??? Also enough USB and CAT-5 cables to reach the moon.


Yes, every time there is an open box you can almost guarantee that within minutes it will contain a Monty. He thinks he’s helping.

Another thing that’s changed is the cover design for The Simple Things. Gone is the lovely cover with simple things on that represent what’s inside and now there are people on it. It’s not an ugly cover by any stretch but it loses the essence of what the magazine is about. It’s not simple. People are far from simple. I don’t like people, I like things. IMG_20130316_111927The magazine itself is still absolutely delightful with lovely articles and of course I’m still a subscriber. It’s just not attractive on the outside (and with people on it will not be gracing my new coffee table in my new house, should I get a coffee table). I hope it was just a test and things will go back to how they were (and should be) for the next issue. A quick glance at Twitter is quite telling, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I have a lot to get on with.

I’ll manage somehow.