An owlsome weekend

I had the most brilliant Bank Holiday weekend EVER.

On Saturday, we went to see owls. OWLS! Ant bought me a falconry experience for my birthday so we drove up to Forge (near Machynlleth) and it was amazing. This is me having a nice cwtch with my favourite owl ever in the whole wide world. Her name’s Mog:image


Mog is a little White Faced Scops Owl. You know, the ones that do that crazy thing when they feel threatened. She was adorable, even if she pooed on me.


Mog loved Ant too. Actually, all the owls like Ant. He’s like some sort of owl whisperer. I knew there was a good reason to keep him around, he attracts owls!image

On Sunday we had a little lie in (as much as the cats would allow) before walking to Riverside Market (because sausages) and had lunch at Pieminster. Coffee and pie on a Sunday – what more could a person ask for?! This was actually not the pie I ordered, but it’s the pie that I ate. I think it was actually nicer than the pie I ordered so I was pleased at the error!image

Many lovely new records have come to live with me in the last couple of weeks. This weekend I acquired the new Tigercub single, Neu 2, Suede and Gruff Rhys’ American Interior which is just bloody lovely. image



We just spent 5 days in Berlin. We bloody loved Berlin.

We stayed at The Circus Hotel which was just awesome AND there were no clowns (our room’s actually the one on the website with the pink walls. It also had a wall covered in cat wallpaper!). It’s really central to pretty much everything. In fact we were amazed at how close everything was to us, a really good little base. We quickly discovered that the Television Tower would be our compass – all roads/trains/trams/paths lead to Alex 🙂DSC01959

This is the view from the top of Potsdamer Platz 1. Nice.

Before arriving I asked Twitter to give us some top tips and must-sees. One of these was The Bird where we were told that we would find the best burgers ever. That advice was not wrong. OH MY GOD THE BURGERS! I had one called The Birdhouse (it basically had all of the burger things on it) and it was truly the best burger I’ve ever had. DSC_2089They make a point of cooking the patties medium, indeed the menu suggests that they’ll laugh at you if you ask for anything well-done. Also, the skin-on chips (or “f*ck off fries” I believe they’re known as) were AMAZING. I even ate the pickles in the burger. That’s how good it was. We met some nice people at The Bird who then took us to a strange little bar called Bad Fish. There was hardly anyone there but they had a lot of whisky (and “angry hour”, which is confusing) and they played hip hop. LOUD hip hop. Random. Tiffany, Morgan and Fronz gave us some more places to visit and they just backed up the fact that everyone was really really nice in Berlin.

DSC01792DSC01770 DSC_2108 DSC_2110 DSC01826 DSC_2160 DSC01917 DSC01965 That’s right – a proper photobooth that does 4 different pictures!! Seriously, if these were still around in the UK they’d make a killing. If I had money to invest in old school photobooths then I would totally do it. DSC_2216 DSC01980We wish we didn’t have to go home. Berlin – we love you!

(there’s also a load of Zingy pictures to be found on Twitter – #adventureswithZingy – if you like that sort of thing. People seem to like it. I like it.)

in which Bethy is happy that the sun came out…

Well, it came out for a few hours. The drive to work this morning was thoroughly pleasant and it’s nice that this is the view from my office window –


Of course, this is Wales. It tipped down afterwards.

So I’ve survived my first week in the new job. It’s different being on the other side of the process, hard to switch off from what I’m used to, but I like it. Everyone’s nice, and I have a parking space that I don’t have to pay for or fight with randoms and residents over.  More excitingly – we have a toaster, and a proper coffee maker for making proper coffee. Oh and there’s a dog on the wall.
His name is Wilson.

There’s also a Starbucks on the other side of the interchange that I am yet to investigate. Yay!

in which Bethy does a picture post

I’m tired and cold. I’ll just do some pictures with a brief run down of the day…

Evil psycho cat Princess actually let me touch her – the magic of a slice of ham – but then went nuts again and had a go at me. Still, it’s progress.

The WI were holding a craft fayre in Cowbridge today so I went along to help the girls from my group. Not that much help was needed – it was dead! It wasn’t advertised, or signposted well, and we were stuck in the corner at the back. We did sell all the Rocky Roads and Brownies though, so all was not lost. It was nice to meet some other groups too and to see how they deal with fayres as this was our first one. Looking forward to next time.image

I had a wander around Happy Days, which is a wonderful vintage and artisan market in Cowbridge.image

This little guy was very long, and I’m pretty sure he had more legs than a creature with one head should have had!image

I’m not sure I agree with selling pinecones for ÂŁ1 a bag when they’ve obviously been skanked from the local park. If you’ve made pot pourri or something with them then that’s different, otherwise you’ve just nicked a family of squirrels’ Christmas dinner!image


There’s no Starbucks in Cowbridge, so I got a Praline Latte from Costa. Pretty cups, but they’re no Toffee Nut in a red cup!image

in which Bethy goes to town… on a Saturday…

Yes. Cardiff centre, on a Saturday. Am I mad? Probably.

It was surprisingly quiet in town today, which is just as well because I hate people who  get in my way in the places I need to be. I went along to the new Cardiff Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street.
It’s in what used to be the warehouse for Blacks camping store, and going waaaay back (we’re talking silent movies here… hmm, talking silent movies…) it used to be The Castle  cinema. Foolishly I took no pictures inside but it’s a brilliant space full of indie and vintage stalls (check out Nelly’s Treasures, run by the lovely Helen. She is quite brilliant) I could do some damage in there.

On a Saturday there is also the St Mary Street Market.This is a nice, relatively new “market”. There’s some nice food stalls with bread, olives and organic veggies, as well as some craft stalls, clothes and records. I can imagine that this will be a lovely place to shop in the run up to Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, I resisted the temptation to buy so many new decorations today. There are a lot of owls out there. Owls that want me to buy them. Naughty owls. I found a new shop in Royal Arcade (Royal Christmas Emporium) and they had the nicest displays of baubles, all ordered by colour. *happy*

This evening we went to Burger Night at ThĂ© Pot CafĂ©. We each had an “Ingrid Burgerman” which was a beautiful medium-rare burger with bacon and blue cheese. A-ma-zing. So full now though.

in which Bethy says hello to November

So here we are, the penultimate month of 2012. 64 days til Christmas. One day til the Red Cups (officially) arrive. 30 days of blogging. Here goes…

Today Cardiff decided to have a go at ALL the weather. It’s currently hailing. First thing this morning it was raining and cold… with blue skies. Of course. Pickle had completely the right idea and took herself back to bed. She didn’t even get up to try and steal the butter when I made toast! So cosy. At lunchtime it was beautiful, so I took myself off to the park. There were squirrels again… 🙂Look at the first one’s little hands! So cute!!!

The colours were so amazing today.

Can you see the bird in the last one? It’s a Jay. There were 3 of them flying around chasing the pigeons.

On the way back to work I bumped into Boyd Clack. He’s a local legend, and a jolly nice fellow. He loves the parks around Roath and Penylan too.

in which Bethy is cold

Winter is coming. It’s not allowed to be here yet. Even if the clocks have gone back, winter is not until well after 5th November. Think about it – once you’d done Halloween and Bonfire pictures in school you’d then start rehearsing for the Christmas Concert. Which means that winter has arrived. Not yet. It’s just… wintry autumn. Wintry Autumn with an epic bright moon…


I love autumn. It’s my favourite season. I love the leaves and all the colours…



…and the squirrels. Man I love the squirrels!

Even the cats love the squirrels! This little fella sat watching a squirrel for at least 10 minutes. I stood right next to him and he was too busy concentrating on the squirrel to be bothered by me.