I suppose The Orange Ones deserve a page of their own. They are my pride and joy after all.

This is Pickle.


Remarkably she didn’t eat those flowers. She eats all my other plants. My poor cheeseplant and prayer plant have been well and truly nommed by this beast.

Pickle was born on 19th January 2004, one of about 8 kittens to Izzy who was a pretty little white cat with tortie spots. When Pickle was still with her brothers and sisters she was known as “Shitbox” because she liked to poo pretty much everywhere.

Pickle likes it when you make toast, because you’ll be using the butter, and Pickle loves butter. If you’re not in the kitchen when the toast pops up she’ll shout to tell you it’s done – so that you’ll give her some butter. More than anything else Pickle loves to disprove the scientific fact that cats cannot taste sweet things – Pickle LOVES cake and biscuits.

I have to put Pickle in her travel box if I’m baking just so that I have cakes left! I once came home to find that she’s opened the fridge and stolen the tin of cat food, and then managed to unscrew the lid of the biscuit jar and steal custard creams! After that I made sure the jar was put away and a chair put in front of the fridge. Evil genius Pickle!


Then we have Monty.

He has orange eyes.

Monty is the daftest, sweetest little orange cat. He was born on 27th April 2006 to a cat called Honey who looked a lot like Pickle’s mama only not as fat. Monty had one brother and one sister who were brown tabbies and his sister was a fluffy one. Initially I wanted the sister as  I wanted another girl-cat but quickly fell in love with tiny baby Monty and you can see why…

Look how tiny he was compare to Pickle! He was a very sweet and cwtchy kitten, and he still is now He has the loudest purr of any cat I’ve ever known and, to my knowledge, has never so much as hissed at anything (unlike Pickle, who will make her dislike of something VERY known).

I can’t imagine not having these two to come home to.


One thought on “Kittehs

  1. My cat loves buttered toast too! She also has a penchant for custard and ham. Thanks for reading my Street Cat Bob post! I’m having a nosey around your site now…

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