Yes, I do feel better

This may be a pretty poor return to blogging, but if I don’t actually do it on November 1st then NaBloPoMo will never happen.

I have spent much of the day [lies, about an hour] pondering something to write. I am still devoid of ideas so I’ll just post this…


Yes. That is a tweet to me from the one and only Mr Bernard Butler, and yes he has used the hashtag #selfieboobs. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. All I know is that little old me over here has received a tweet from a musical hero and I am supermegaawesomely happy about it.


Music Monday (and some life planning)

Saturday marked 2 months until I hit the big 3-0. On Saturday I had a big tidy-up. My bed looked like this:DSC01632Yup. 3 dinosaurs and an owl. The dinosaurs were Christmas and Valentine presents. I am nearly 30. I DON’T CARE!! Dinosaurs make me happy, and the guy I share this bed with bought 2 of them for me. THAT, my friends, is love.

But anyway, 30. Yeah, it’s starting to bother me now.  Well, not bothering me, but I’m acutely aware that it means I am a proper adult. One that drives a car, intends to buy a house one day and does food shopping to buy actual food and not just crisps and ice cream, though if there’s a dinosaur in the supermarket I’m likely to buy it. I’m feeling the need to do something with myself in the next 10 years. I feel a new list coming on.

Back to the music. I revisited one of my favourite albums this weekend, The Sound of McAlmont & Butler because it’s awesome. I will never tire of listening to Yes. It’s truly beautiful. David McAlmont has the most incredible voice, and Bernard’s guitar is sublime as always. Throw in some strings and you have a timeless wonder that, I think, will never get old.

One of the things on my 30 list will be to have a singing lesson with David McAlmont. This will happen.