Did you miss me?

It’s December 1st and that officially is the start of Christmas for me. It’s the same month and everything. It’s even snowing on WordPress. I love that.

Today I put the tree up, as I do every year on the 1st. I wasn’t really feeling it today, mind. Not sure why. I seem to have to force myself to enjoy things that I usually love. I blame Cameron, the ham-faced gimp. Anyway, I put the lights on the tree and plugged them in. Dead. My trusted John Lewis lights died. On the tree. Ugh. Cancel Christmas. So Ant decides that we should get new ones. Off we go to Tesco at 9pm. 100 lights, half price, £4. Score! We bought some custard creams too, because custard creams. Get home, feeling a bit more with it, and plug the lights in. They work!  Yay! BUT as I unravel them they stop working. NOOOOOOO!!  Why do you test me so, God of string lights?! We took out every bulb and the fuse. Nothing. Back to Tesco at 10pm! No way am I not having lights on my tree tonight. I’m too involved now. 10.40pm and there are lights on the tree. Also on the tree are my old lights that belonged to my nan and are older than I am. TAKE THAT, STRING LIGHT MANUFACTURERS. I’m not doing any more to the tree tonight. I might leave it naked as some sort of hipster protest. Nah. I have about 600 baubles to go on it. That’s a full day’s work.

I am aware that I have used too many tenses in the above story. I don’t care. It’s sausage to me.

Today’s festive musical offering comes from the lovely Gruff Rhys. Enjoy.


Spotify link.


Brown paper packages tied up with string

I love presents. I love giving presents, and I think I’m pretty good at presents. I don’t give presents and expect reciprocation, I do it because I get a kick out of it. I love shopping and wrapping and seeing peoples’ faces when they open them. I give presents all year round, so Christmas is like, well, Christmas for a giver like me. To quote from an article in issue 33 of Mollie Makes “Present-giving is an ancient way to show affection via the medium of… stuff.”

However, while shopping for other people, one can’t help but find things that one would really not mind receiving oneself. Etsy is especially dangerous for this sort of thing…

Love Birds Amongst The Orchids with Sterling Silver Chain and Initial Leaves by tinycottagetreasures on Etsy

Kooky Forest in Pearl & Charcoal Cushion Cover by TigerandHare

Handmade Fiery Goblin Doll by The Curious Panther

Friends of the Forest print by evajuliet

Handmade Long Wallet BiFold Clutch -Woodland Nutty Squirrels by faithonearth

Dinosaur planter by crazycouture

Fox Laser Cut Brooch by the Owl & Otter

I’ve been a very good girl this year 🙂

New Year

Happy New Year plus a week!

Apologies, I’ve been very busy eating cheese which is why there were no December updates. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So this was Christmas…

12-2012Lots of owls, and dinosaurs, and a squirrel lamp 🙂


2013 then, eh? Well it’s been… interesting so far. I’ve been ill since the 27th – some sort of glandular thing that turned into a cold on New Year’s Day – and Ant got attacked on the way home on the 2nd (he’s ok, a bit bruised and more angry than anything else) so we’ve had a lot of late nights and police visits. They caught the swines so we can be thankful for that I guess. I’d rather it not have happened at all.

However, we like to think that we’ve got the worst of the year out of the way right at the start of it, and so I’ve set myself some goals for this year (these are on top of the “before my next birthday” lists, there’ll be some cross-overs. It’s all good.notepad2013I will also continue to use the Lobster font because I like it!!

I’ve made a start on the 365 project – they’re on my Jux site – and baked some blondies this evening from this recipe. I think I need to make them again, not sure my oven temperature is what it says on the dial (note to self – buy oven thermometer) but Simon Rimmer tweeted me to say that the white chocolate makes them greasy but it settles. Yay!

in which Bethy starts thinking about Christmas

It’s a month away. One month. Judging by the speed at which all of the other months have passed this year I can anticipate that Christmas will be here before I know it. Yay! I love Christmas! I love the lights, and the food, and wrapping stuff. I’m a giver, I love giving presents. Yes it’s nice to receive them but I love to give more than I love having presents myself.

I probably should do some Christmas shopping then.

in which Bethy does Christmas

Christmas came and went as quickly as the rest of the year did.  My tree was full of pretties, as a good tree should be.

Full of joy

and brown paper packages tied up with string

We ate a massive dinner (with loads of gravy!)drank Christmas coffee from our Christmas mugs, and ate Yule Log and my Red Velvet cakes

I have new favourite Christmas records – firstly Pink Martini that was on sale at Starbucksand the amazing offering from Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler This Is Christmas

I seriously urge you to get this album. It has brought me so so much joy this last week. Home For The Holidays is quite simply STUNNING! Oh and A Very She & Him Christmas – that’s awesome too, even if there is a banjo on it.

I hope Santa was kind to you all. Remember – there’s room for everyone on the nice list!