Yes, I do feel better

This may be a pretty poor return to blogging, but if I don’t actually do it on November 1st then NaBloPoMo will never happen.

I have spent much of the day [lies, about an hour] pondering something to write. I am still devoid of ideas so I’ll just post this…


Yes. That is a tweet to me from the one and only Mr Bernard Butler, and yes he has used the hashtag #selfieboobs. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. All I know is that little old me over here has received a tweet from a musical hero and I am supermegaawesomely happy about it.


Further music excitement!

Just a little tiny bit excited today as David Bowie suddenly announces a new album and gives us a new video to play with! I’ve loved Bowie since forever. He was at number 1 when I was born with Let’s Dance.

Then, as if by magic, Suede have also announced a new album – with a free download! Ha! Barriers is growing on me.

So much joy. All I need now is for Labyrinth to be re-released in the cinema. Pleeeeeeease let that be a thing.

in which Bethy falls in love with Suede all over again

The Boy very kindly bought me the Suede remastered CD thingy for Christmas and seeing as the flat downstairs were blasting bhangra I thought I’d fire back a bit of British music royalty.

My God, I love Suede. I mean, I’ve loved Suede for years, but listening to them again properly now.. I really love Suede.

I remember going to town on Boxing Day 1996 with Cherry and her mum and I bought Coming Up in Boots (they had a music & video section back then!) because I’d had vouchers for Christmas. I also bought Disco 2000 from Virgin. I had my first CD player that Christmas (lame huh, my house was waaaaaaay behind the times, though I do have a wonderful in-built appreciation for vinyl now) and my first CDs were K by Kula Shaker, one of those “The Best… Album in the World… Ever!” compilations, Coming Up and Disco 2000. Due to lack of fundage as a teenager I managed to have a massive collection of singles. Yes, I know I could have just saved up for albums. I taped those off everyone else anyway. I find it amusing that home taping is piracy. There’s so much worse stuff happening now, and we never even considered that taping a friend’s CD was illegal. Why sell tapes if so? Exactly. You need a 13 year old’s mind to make sense these days, adult minds suck balls.

Back to Suede. I also remember buying Head Music. I put it in my Discman (yes, Discman. Mine was one of the compact ones not much bigger than the disc itself and it was still massive!) on the bus coming home from rown and remember being really disappointed by it, probably because it wasn’t Coming Up. Listening to it now I appreciate it so much more – you can hear the Duran Duran and Bowie influences so so clearly. Maybe adult minds aren’t so bad after all.