Yes, I do feel better

This may be a pretty poor return to blogging, but if I don’t actually do it on November 1st then NaBloPoMo will never happen.

I have spent much of the day [lies, about an hour] pondering something to write. I am still devoid of ideas so I’ll just post this…


Yes. That is a tweet to me from the one and only Mr Bernard Butler, and yes he has used the hashtag #selfieboobs. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. All I know is that little old me over here has received a tweet from a musical hero and I am supermegaawesomely happy about it.


in which Bethy goes a bit Instagram-mad and then takes over the UK…

I think my favourite thing about my nearly-new phone is Instagram. I like the round corners and white border. I could live without the filters if it just gave me corners. This was my weekend in Instagrams…

Squirrels for a project that might never happen

This beagleface that I can’t resist!

Me and my Godpup (also – me wearing contact lenses)

Knitted Cthulhu (from the Pedal Power vintage & handmade fair) driving my car

Continuing my own adventures in blanket-making. Boy and girl babies can have blue and purple, right?


The new Muse album arrived on Saturday (it was released today – score)


In other exciting news we went to .cn for a meal last night and saw a traditional lion dance. I want a Chinese lion now. Also, this week I am curating the @PeopleOfUK Twitter account.


Happy October everyone.


Here’s a question: “Hydref” is Welsh for both “autumn” and “October”… but if Wales was on the other side of the world then it would not be autumn in October, so would one or the other be called something else???