Hello! *waves*

So. I would be Beth. I live in Wales with The Boy and the Orange Ones (Pickle and Monty, my beautiful little tigers).

I love kitties, rainbows, photography, cake, cups of tea, owls, sewing, stars, shopping, daisies, wool, robots, shoes, dinosaurs and ducks.

I don’t like clowns, balloons, falling over, “reality” TV shows, being sad and millipedes. Seriously, how can you trust something that looks like a big black poo with legs? You can’t, so don’t try. Get a stick insect instead, they’re pretty cool.

I will cross the road to talk to kitties and get really upset if they don’t want to be friends. I talk to dogs before I talk to their owners (usually a better conversation) and always have time for puppies.

I make these!

This year I am making resolutions. Sort of. I will stick to them too. That’s one of them actually!

I think the name of the blog pretty much sums me up to be honest. There’s a lot going on in my head but I have no idea what most of it is!


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