April (2 weeks into May. Whatever)

To be fair I have like 800 photos from April. Mostly of the Television Tower in Berlin. Only a couple in the round-up though 🙂




March (even though we’re a week into April)

So it turns out that the majority of my photos last month were of the cats being cute and stuff I sold on eBay. I did find enough for a little round-up though.03-2013

I’ve been fighting with an unfamiliar washing machine today. Think I won. I hope I won. I will not be bested by white goods. It’s a little cold this weekend but the sun is out so I’ve actually hung the washing OUTSIDE! I know, right? It’s been years since I’ve put things outside to dry. It’s a novelty I am enjoying very much. Gotta love domesticity 🙂


February round-up

Well, there went February. It was ok. I fauiled epically at Project 365 in February, though I did take a load of photos, just not one every day. Sadly this meant I didn’t finish the #14daysoflove challenge too. Poo!02-2013

52 weeks of baking has gone out of the window too. Total things baked in February = 0. Oops.I did draw faces on some very disappointing satsumas though.

February has been pretty darn cold. Luckily I’ve had the cwtchiest cats to cwtch with. I like it when Pickle is so loving, everyone thinks she’s evil. She’s so not evil.DSC01663

DSC_1671Also I cut my fringe. I like it one day out of seven, so not a total fail.


365 photo challenge – January

I actually managed to do January. Good for me! Last year I think I got 5 days in and that was it. I will say that it makes a heck of a difference having a nice camera on my phone. Yes, I know Instagram is lame BUT I LIKE IT!

01-2013There is an extra one on there that’s not on Jux, basically because 31 makes for an untidy photo grid!

I did take my proper camera out too, but didn’t really go anywhere other than work this month which is why all my pictures are of snow, crochet and cats! This is one of my favourite pictures EVER. The sky was actually that colour. It chucked it down a few hours later.DSC01615So bring on February. It’s only 28 days. I’ll be doing Mandy‘s #14daysoflove challenge too.