New Year

Happy New Year plus a week!

Apologies, I’ve been very busy eating cheese which is why there were no December updates. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So this was Christmas…

12-2012Lots of owls, and dinosaurs, and a squirrel lamp 🙂


2013 then, eh? Well it’s been… interesting so far. I’ve been ill since the 27th – some sort of glandular thing that turned into a cold on New Year’s Day – and Ant got attacked on the way home on the 2nd (he’s ok, a bit bruised and more angry than anything else) so we’ve had a lot of late nights and police visits. They caught the swines so we can be thankful for that I guess. I’d rather it not have happened at all.

However, we like to think that we’ve got the worst of the year out of the way right at the start of it, and so I’ve set myself some goals for this year (these are on top of the “before my next birthday” lists, there’ll be some cross-overs. It’s all good.notepad2013I will also continue to use the Lobster font because I like it!!

I’ve made a start on the 365 project – they’re on my Jux site – and baked some blondies this evening from this recipe. I think I need to make them again, not sure my oven temperature is what it says on the dial (note to self – buy oven thermometer) but Simon Rimmer tweeted me to say that the white chocolate makes them greasy but it settles. Yay!


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